This training also helps to solve many phobias

This training also helps to solve many phobias

In another article, I talk about the effectiveness of mental work in accelerating the healing process of certain physiological problems.

But it is just as effective in solving certain psychological problems. It can be, in a way, a simplified form of behavioral therapy.

I will tell you the story of one of my patients.

I treated this patient in Traditional Acupuncture for a depressive syndrome. She arrived at the office for one last session, she was doing fine and I planned to make one last energy regulation to finish up her treatment.

But to my surprise, when she arrived she was in tears. I didn’t understand and I wondered if she had relapsed and what could have caused this turnaround.

I asked her how she was doing, and if she could explain her tears ...

And this is what she told me:

« It's a disaster,” she told me, “I have just won a trip and a stay in the Balearic Islands for 15 days with all expenses paid. »

I didn’t understand! She should’ve been crazy with joy! ... I let her continue.

« The problem is that I have a phobia of airplanes and I won’t be able to go. It's impossible! My husband doesn’t know and I couldn’t tell him. He’s so happy. He’s overjoyed because he’s never flown in his life and he’s telling everyone about our good fortune but for me it is a catastrophe! Imagine his disappointment when I tell him! How can I tell him? He is so happy! »

And she started crying even harder.

So, I told her that all was not lost. I told her about the "wonders" of our mind and during the one hour acupuncture session I explained the principles and procedure of the technique.

She left my office reassured and decided to put the method into practice.

A few weeks later, I received a thank-you card from the Balearic Islands informing me that the trip went really well. She only had a little apprehension when the plane accelerated a little suddenly to take off but it wasn't unbearable and that was all.

No need to tell you how pleased she was!

I also had the opportunity to advise a friend who had the same problem and had to leave for the United States.

She had decided to cancel her trip, not feeling able to face her fear of the plane.

After our discussion, she decided to go but she asked her doctor to prescribe an anti-anxiety medication just in case...

When she returned, she told me that she had the anti-anxiety pill in her hand before takeoff, ready to be swallowed in case she needed it, but she didn’t need it after all. She felt relaxed throughout the flight as well as landing.

Since then, she has flown several times and I can assure you that her problem is totally solved.

She also had a phobia of elevators and she solved this problem the same way and everything is fine for her now.

She has just returned from a trip to the US during which she stayed on the 24th floor of a Las Vegas hotel and it was no problem. And when I asked her about the flight, she said:
« Oh, I don’t even think about it anymore. It's a thing of the past! »

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